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Alkaline market vegetables



Have You Got A Sensitivity or Intolerance to Alkaline Foods?

Silly question may be, however, it does exist for a couple of my clients. Some people, have quite severe intolerances to alkaline foods, but they don’t realise it. This kind of intolerance can make them feel quite sick, irritable, grouchy and downright miserable. But they press on because ‘alkalising is good for them’…and they suffer... Read more

Alkaline by Design on Facebook


Alkaline by Design fan page on Facebook

Join us for all the latest alkalising updates on Facebook .. Alkaline by Design... Read more



Alkalise & Exercise with Kettlebells

My clients always ask me what they can do for exercise, when their lifestyles do not permit regular running or going to the gym, or they don’t even enjoy the gym…so what next? Kettlebells are a great and safe way to get some exercise and tone your body without having to go into a gym! ... Read more



Think Getting Started is Hard?

Sometimes the thought of getting started with something new is quite daunting. When travelling in the United States I saw this post and thought it appropriate. It just takes small steps to get going, there doesn’t have to be a hardcore commitment just beginning actions. Once you feel better you will start to do better.... Read more



Alkalizing Food Treats

These Truss tomatoes are headed for some dehydration time in my new Excalibur dehydrator.   4kgs of organic tomatoes, seasoning and olive oil to coat the teflex sheets (so they don’t stick whilst drying). Highly nutritious and easy on the go (hey saves putting tomatoes in your bag to get squashed) you can also grind them... Read more

clear skin


One Great Step for Clear Skin

Got less than perfect skin? Wrinkles, dehydration, oilyness, acne, blackheads etc etc…had it all Yet the easiest way to clear up your skin guaranteed, is to drink water. 2.5 – 3 litres of it per day. Yes, you will pee more to start, but as your body becomes hydrated and used to the extra water,... Read more



Alkaline Hashtags

Use these hashtags to follow us #AlkalineByDesign and #AlkalineGarden to see what we are up to... Read more

Alkaline Water


Water in Winter

When it turns colder, drinking more water is the last thing you probably feel like doing. I know I do. I am not a tea drinker, so if I forget or don’t feel like it, can easily go a few hours without a drop. So what to do. Have a glass of room temperature water... Read more



Alkaline by Design on YouTube

Join me on YouTube with a load of blood footage! Click here... Read more

coconut oil


Deepen your alkaline experience with Oil Pulling

Up the anti with your health with this new (or very old) oral technique. A couple of months ago at a health retreat in Bali I came across the detox aspect of Oil Pulling and when I got home, got the coconut oil out and started up. A tad weird at first, just putting a... Read more


Valentines Day recipes

.. Get 6 New Valentine’s Day Recipes, and other Alkaline Recipes emailed to you every week Click here to get your recipes... Read more

Alkaline Green Pepper


Create yourself an Alkaline Garden

This winter I’ve spent time preparing a 5 x 2.5m area of garden for spring planting and summer harvest of alkaline vegetables and salads. Ranging from rainbow beets and chard, to mint, parsley, herbs and carrots. Click here for a full suite of photos and progress updates.... Read more


Alkaline pumpkin


Autumn and winter alkalising

If you live in a part of the world that is going into cold weather right now, then don’t despair, there are plenty of amazing vegetables for you to nosh on and keep healthy. Click here for more info and market photos... Read more


Eaten too much chocolate this Easter?

Then have a pint of water with lemon upon rising, and at other times during the day. It will kick start your digestive system and clean out your liver.... Read more

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